Linux Plumbers’ Conference Shirt

The Linux Plumbers’ Conference is in San Diego this August.  It’s going to be a lot of fun for the participants, who I’m sure are looking forward to it.  I’ve been asked to design a shirt for them, and I’d like to show the world what I’ve made:

(the back of the shirt)

(the front of the shirt, pocket alignment)

I’m proud of this design, I love it and I hope you do too!  I was inspired by the beauty of circuit boards, plumbing, and the city skyline in San Diego.  The font I used is called Changa One.


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4 responses to “Linux Plumbers’ Conference Shirt”

  1. Mark says :


  2. ralphbean (@ralphbean) says :

    Really nice! I especially love the little “Tetris” layer.

  3. Alison Childress says :

    Very creative Mack!! You did a good job- Alison Childress

  4. mostlymodular says :

    Pretty! I especially like the subtle penguin.

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