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  1. beefybeliever says :

    (03:58:18 PM) vpodzime: mizmo: hi
    (03:58:30 PM) mizmo: hey vpodzime
    (03:58:50 PM) vpodzime: mizmo: are there any mockups of the exception reporting dialog for python-meh?
    (04:00:25 PM) mizmo: vpodzime, pseudomonas did a series of blog posts for various error conditions – are there cases for python-meh exception reporting she should cover and didn’t?
    (04:00:37 PM) mizmo: they’re at https://beefybeliever.wordpress.com/
    (04:01:58 PM) pseudomonas: I’m here by the way, if you want to talk directly to me
    (04:02:55 PM) vpodzime: mizmo: thanks, I didn’t know about these. I believe only the one with unhandled exception is important for the python-meh. The other ones should probably be displayed by Anaconda itself.
    (04:03:19 PM) mizmo: vpodzime, this one, right? https://beefybeliever.files.wordpress.com/2012/06/unknownerror1.png?w=479
    (04:04:52 PM) vpodzime: mizmo: exactly. Do we also want a way to display the traceback?
    (04:05:35 PM) mizmo: pseudomonas, what do you think?
    (04:05:57 PM) ***mizmo wonders if there is a way for the debugger to display the traceback
    (04:06:05 PM) mizmo: or one of the ttys?
    (04:06:18 PM) mizmo: the file bug option should be saving the traceback out to somewhere i think
    (04:08:18 PM) vpodzime: the file bug option has to pass the traceback to libreport and it can, of course, save it somewhere (it actually does now)
    (04:10:05 PM) pseudomonas: doesn’t the debugger do that?
    (04:10:07 PM) vpodzime: mizmo: debugger probably can display the traceback, but there is a lot of additional information, that python-meh generates
    (04:10:32 PM) pseudomonas: I thought the debugger took you to tty2 and opened up pdb to show where the problem was
    (04:10:35 PM) pseudomonas: or something like that
    (04:10:50 PM) pseudomonas: I asked for an explanation of what the debug option actually did and that’s what I think they said
    (04:11:04 PM) pseudomonas: they said more, but I’m not really that knowledgeable
    (04:11:42 PM) pseudomonas: I could be totally wrong
    (04:12:25 PM) pseudomonas: but most users won’t be interacting with that
    (04:14:09 PM) vpodzime: pseudomonas: you are basically right. It takes you to the tty2 running pdb — interactive shell stopped at the line of the code that caused the traceback
    (04:14:23 PM) pseudomonas: okay
    (04:14:36 PM) vpodzime: pseudomonas: I’m not sure if it also displays the traceback
    (04:14:45 PM) pseudomonas: well, I wouldn’t know that part
    (04:16:39 PM) vpodzime: I think displaying traceback and running debugger are both usable only for us, anaconda developers. But they sometimes come handy.
    (04:18:16 PM) vpodzime: on the other hand, people may get lost when they hit Debug and they are taken to tty2 running something they never seen before
    (04:20:48 PM) pseudomonas: people are lost anyway, they’ve got an unknown error
    (04:20:57 PM) pseudomonas: there’s not really much you can do to make it worse
    (04:21:08 PM) mizmo: vpodzime, i wonder if the traceback could be put on tty3 or something?
    (04:21:27 PM) vpodzime: pseudomonas: yes, there is — switching them to tty2 from where they are unable to get back and file a bug
    (04:22:27 PM) vpodzime: mizmo: no problem. Still I think the dialog should be more explanatory about the options provided by buttons
    (04:22:27 PM) mizmo: can tty2 have a message saying ctrl+alt+f7 or what not to return to anaconda?
    (04:22:46 PM) mizmo: i guess the better question is, is there any way the tty’s can provide some info as well
    (04:23:35 PM) mizmo: eg if im on tty2 [ Press Ctrl+Alt+F7 to return to the installer | tty3 contains the full traceback. ]
    (04:23:36 PM) vpodzime: mizmo: we can print some message to tty2 before running pdb.
    (04:23:49 PM) mizmo: will pdb scroll the message so you can’t read it?
    (04:24:28 PM) mizmo: i wonder if GTK has dropdown buttons –
    (04:24:53 PM) mizmo: maybe the ‘debug’ button could be a dropdown button, with one option ‘Debugger (tty2)’ and the other ‘Full Traceback (tty3)’
    (04:25:38 PM) vpodzime: message should be visible after running pdb. It will of course go away after some interaction with pdb
    (04:26:11 PM) mizmo: gtk-menu-tool-button is a dropdown button we could use maybe?
    (04:26:33 PM) mizmo: pseudomonas, what do you think about having messages display in the ttys pre pdb? a good solution? (at least partially?)
    (04:26:46 PM) vpodzime: mizmo: that should be possible (unless it can be put only in a menu bar)
    (04:27:21 PM) mizmo: halfline is trying to pack it into a non menu bar now to see
    (04:27:24 PM) pseudomonas: sure
    (04:27:47 PM) mizmo: it looks like it works
    (04:29:02 PM) vpodzime: great 🙂
    (04:30:12 PM) vpodzime: mizmo: maybe adding a tooltip to the Debug button could be useful
    (04:30:38 PM) mizmo: vpodzime, ‘If you’re not an Anaconda developer, you probably don’t want this.’ ? hehe
    (04:31:02 PM) mizmo: one downside of using the dropdown button is that pseudomonas used a link for Debug to de-emphasize it, which i think is a good thing
    (04:31:14 PM) vpodzime: mizmo: do you think Anaconda developers want it? 😉
    (04:31:16 PM) mizmo: using a button promotes ‘debug’ and i think might make it more likely for a normal user to click on it 😦
    (04:31:34 PM) vpodzime: mizmo: that’s true
    (04:31:45 PM) mizmo: ‘If you’re not an Anaconda developer, be glad you don’t need to click on this.’
    (04:31:48 PM) mizmo: hehe
    (04:32:07 PM) mizmo: so maybe we should do two links? Debug | Traceback
    (04:32:09 PM) vpodzime: mizmo: that sounds much better. hehe
    (04:32:33 PM) mizmo: then, if someone clicks on it, ‘oops’ we have to worry about how to get them back to TTY7
    (04:32:46 PM) mizmo: for tty2 it’s not an issue, you can print out a message before running pdb
    (04:32:57 PM) mizmo: for tty3 with the traceback – can the message be printed out after the traceback?
    (04:33:10 PM) vpodzime: mizmo: sure
    (04:33:55 PM) vpodzime: I think that links are more appropriate for something that switches you to another tty
    (04:36:12 PM) mizmo: yeh
    (04:36:48 PM) mizmo: pseudomonas, can you copy/paste this log to the blog comments of the blog post the unknown error mockup is in for future reference?
    (04:37:14 PM) vpodzime: mizmo: problem with a tty is that once you switch to another one and return back you cannot scroll. But that could only be a problem for us

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