Anaconda’s Errors: A Comprehensive Gallery

Good afternoon!

Last week, I posted twice about error screens for Anaconda – beginning here.  I’ve taken in feedback and altered some of the designs accordingly, and now I’ve got a mockup of every error screen here for you to see.  Feel free, as always, to leave me comments.


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4 responses to “Anaconda’s Errors: A Comprehensive Gallery”

  1. Ben C says :

    These look pretty snazzy. My only concern is that an inexperienced user might not know what tty2 is or how to get to it. It might be nice to include a note on how to get to tty2. Of course, if they don’t already know that, there’s a good chance that they don’t know how to do network testing from the command line anyway…

    • Bob says :

      Also, knowing which tty I’m leaving, is useful (Am I on tty1, tty5, or tty7)? Makes getting back much easier.

    • beefybeliever says :

      What would you propose it say instead/ in addition? I didn’t want to churn out a paragraph explaining what to do and how, it would not have fit. I added the note about tty2 to please a commenter on one of my earlier blog posts about these screens. Do you disagree with him? Do you think it shouldn’t say anything, or do you think it should say something else?

      • Ben C says :

        I would just go with something like
        “You may switch to tty2 for network testing by pressing ++. Return to this screen by pressing ++.”

        I don’t think it needs to be any longer than that. And I’m assuming the keys always work that way. If that’s a faulty assumption, then please ignore me entirely. As-is is better than saying nothing at all, but if it’s possible to include brief instructions, that seems like it would improve usability.

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